"I Like You" featured in new web series!

Hey everyone, check out this sweet new web series West Montclair High East featuring our song "I Like You". Wish we would've conferred with these guys before we made our music video. A pizza related 90's shopping spree is just about the most appropriate backdrop for this song that exists. 


Today we embark on our cross-country tour, the "All Sweat No Regrets Tour 2013", with fellow comrades Teen Girl Scientist Monthly ( and Chrono Uke (!!!!

Shit's gonna get real. Here's a list of dates....

8/1 - Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo Gallery

8/3 - Washington DC @ Black Cat

8/6 - Nashville, TN @ The Basement

8/7 - St. Louis, MO @ Foam

8/8 - Chicago, IL @ Underground Lounge

8/9 - Cincinnati, OH @ Eureka's Castle

8/10 - Philadelphia, PA @ House Show

Come out and get your groove on if you're in any of these places!!! 



See?!?!  We've already posted twice as much today as in ALL OF 2013 COMBINED!!! 

Come out to Matchless tonight to celebrate the marriage of two of our best and closest friends.  Also to drink and dance.  Always to drink and dance.  Always. 

Click the image for the facebook event and details!

See you soon!

We're back!

So, a few things have happened since our last update.  Kev broke his arm, Kev fixed his arm, we played some shows, wrote some songs and pretty much gave up on this whole internet thing.  BUT NO MORE!  Sorry for the long absence (if you've been checking back every day religiously for an update today is probably pretty intense for you)!  Stay tuned for some new shows and info on our upcoming TOUR! 


thnx jkpt tgr

Eryck's Birthday Show 12/7

Come out to BAR MATCHLESS this Friday to celebrate the birth of everyone's favorite beanie-wearin', mural-paintin', whiskey drinkin' gentlemen, Eryck Tait. 

9:00 SORRY

$5 cover, 21+

557 Manhattan Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11222

Click the link below to check out the Facebook event, and more importantly the Eryck Photo Montage, so you can feel like you're waking up next to him everyday...

Download Chemistry Night for FREE!

We're hoping a lot of you have already been rockin' out to our new album, "Chemistry Night", since its release in May. However, for those of you who haven't got a chance to download it, you can head to our bandcamp and name your own price (yes, $0.00 counts too...)

Give it a listen, play it for your dog, play it for your cat, play it while watching an episode of CatDog on mute. Hope to see you all soon! Our next show is next Friday 8/24 at The Paperbox Brooklyn with BIG UPS and Big Fur (these guys put out a new EP and it's pretty killer, check it out)!!!

Peace & Love,


Live Show Videos!

Mucho love to SurgeFM for taking some great video footage at our last few shows! Check it out and try to stand back from the computer screen to avoid Al's sweat. No one wants that. 

Here's two of our favorites, but you can check out all the videos he took and a show review HERE!